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Soil is the foundation of nearly all life on earth, the basis of agriculture and the medium in which almost all food-producing plants grow. A healthy, living soil is essential for life. 

Healthy soils provide the nutrients, water, oxygen, and root support that plants require to survive and thrive. This results in healthier food production. Organic materials and fertilizers improve soil texture, allowing it to store water for longer periods of time and increasing bacterial and fungal activity. As a result, they not only benefit your plants, but also the soil.

Organic fertilizers are gentler than inorganic fertilizers and are less likely to overfeed plants. They provide the essential nutrients for efficient plant growth and will help in repairing your soil and keeping it healthy. 

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so good and convenient that I can get organic farm inputs in one place! and very prompt delivery, asanteni sana!
Alicia K.
lisha organic fertilizer has worked wonders on my kitchen garden, am getting so many pumpkins and vegetables that am supplying the neighbors.
Nancy Client
Nancy W.
I used your soil sampling and analysis service, was impressed with the effective feedback. The products you recommended are so far doing very well.
Cathy Client
Cathy M.
We choose to care

Make Your Own Compost and Organic Inputs

Find out more how you can turn your organic waste to useful soil inputs

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